Recall Election Procedure

UCSB Associated Students
Recall Elections Procedure
Complied by the AS Elections Board
A- Signature Collection
1. Upon notification by the petitioner, the Elections Board provides them with the template (verified log-in and signatures on Elections Board website (link to be provided upon petition language confirmation)) and works with them to understand the process that has been predetermined by the Elections Board.
2. The petitioner has the option to inform Senate of intent to petition for a recall.
3. Petition gathering can begin before or after the elected official has been sworn in.
4. Petition with sufficient signatures submitted to Elections Board – sufficient signatures equal 10% of the voting members who voted for the said office in the immediately preceding AS General Election (Executives), and 50%+1 for Elected Officers (Senators) (Legal code: Article XI, Section IV A).
5. Elections Board requests that AS staff validate that petition signers are eligible student.s
6. Elections Board notifies petitioner of the results of the signature validation for the petition.
7. Elections Board presents the recall petition results to Senate.
B- Senate Vote
8. Senate votes to ratify the petition results (procedural vote)
9a. If the petition is not valid, no further action by Elections Board
9b. If the petition is valid, Senate votes by 2/3 majority whether to call for a recall election (recall election is considered to be a special election) (Legal code: Article XI, Section II A.2)
9c. If the Senate votes no on the recall election, no further action by Elections Board
9d. If the Senate votes yes for the recall election, the Elections Board determines how and when the recall election will take place, by the fifth Senate meeting of the quarter:
●	“If a “Special Election” petition is presented to the Senate by their fifth (5th) meeting of either the Fall or Winter quarters, an election must be held before the end of that quarter. If the petition is presented after the fifth (5th) meeting, an election must be held by the fourth (4th) week of the following quarter, or during the “Spring General Election,” whichever comes first. (Legal code: Article XI, Section II A.1.A)

C- Election
0. If a recall election is held, the recall shall be effective immediately upon a 2/3 majority student vote in favor with at least 20% voter turnout (Legal code: Article XI, Section IV, B)
11. Senate votes to ratify the results of the recall election
12. If recall passes, Senate votes with a 2/3 majority to call a special election to fill the recalled position (Legal code: Article XI, Section II A.2)
13. Special election is held – the Elections Board will determine how and when the special election will take place (Legal code: Article XI, Section II A.4)
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