Spring Office Hours

Please reach out if you have questions or want to discuss anything elections-related. Send an email to elections@as.ucsb.edu to schedule a Zoom meeting

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Full election results with candidate vote breakdowns.

Spring Elections - Results

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Welcome to the A.S. Elections Website

Contact Information


MAILBOX:  UCen Room 1523 (A.S. Main Office)

E-MAIL: elections@as.ucsb.edu

FACEBOOKfb.me/ucsbelectionscommittee or search ‘AS Elections Board’

Ruth Garcia Guevara, Advisor 893-4296 ruthg@as.ucsb.edu
Shannon Hollingsworth, Chair 893-4296 shollingsworth@as.ucsb.edu
Winter & Spring Quarter Office Hours by appointment    
A.S. Main Office 893-2566 Ucen 1523
A.S. Judicial Council 893-2566 UCen 2535
A.S. Attorney General 893-2566 UCen 2535
A.S. Administration 893-3374 UCen 2537

All 2020-21 dates and events are tentative and subject to change. The format and structure of events (in-person, virtual, modified, etc.) are contingent on guidelines and restrictions in place by the university. Updates will be posted on our public Facebook page

Winter/Spring Quarter 2022 Events

Quarter Week Day Time Event
Winter 4 Sun Advertisment for Recruitment Events Begins
Winter 5 Fri 4:00 PM Delcaration of Party Form Deadline
Winter 5 Fri 4:00 PM Deadline for Recruitment Plans
Winter 6 Sun 8:00 PM Recruitment Events Begin
Winter 7 Wed Declaration of Candidacy Form opens
Winter 8 Financial Statement Meetings
Winter 9 Sun 8:00 PM Recruitment Events End
Winter 9 Wed 11:59 PM Declaration of Candidacy form closes
Winter 9 Thu 4:00 PM Party Slate Form Deadline
Winter 9 Thu 4:00 PM Preliminary Financial Statements Due
Winter 9 Thu Declaration of Candidacy meeting
Winter 10 Fri 4:00 PM List of Eligible Candidates Published
Spring 1 to 2     Preliminary Financial Statements Review
Spring 1 Mon Second Eligibility Check
Spring 1 Mon 4:00 PM Candidate Statements Soft-Deadline
Spring 1 Wed 4:00 PM Candidate Statements Hard-Deadline
Spring 1 Fri 4:00 PM Candidate Board Selection
Spring 2 Fri 4:00 PM Submit Elections Plans
Spring 3 Sun 8:00 PM Write-Ins inform Elections Board that they are running
Spring 3 Sun 8:00 PM Soft Campaigning begins
Spring 3 Mon-Thu Candidate Forums
Spring 3 Tue 8:00 PM Active Campaigning begins
Spring 3 Wed 8:00 PM Endorsements are published (rolling)
Spring 4 Mon-Thu 8:00 AM General Election
Spring 4 Mon 4:00 PM Submit Updated Financial Statements
Spring 4 Fri 4:00 PM Submit Finalized Financial Statements
Spring 5 Wed 8:00 AM All Campaign Material must be down
Spring Town hall

Important Dates

Candidacy Due: March 11, 2022 11:59 pm
Declaration Meeting: March 3, 2022 6:00 pm
Voting Supplement: April 12, 2022 8:00 pm