Do you support the creation of a net 4.34 dollar per ASUCSB membership per regular quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring) for Grammarly for education subscription, which is accessible for all students via their school email account? This lock-in fee will be managed by the AS Strategic Operations office. If passed, this lock-in fee will be subject to reaffirmation every 2 years

Pro Statements

Grammarly For Education will enable students to access all the premium futures of Grammarly, which will increase equitable education for each student at UCSB. Grammarly Premium is normally $144 annually, while Grammarly For Education for each student at UCSB, given it is voted for, would be $13 annually for each UCSB user. Only 595 students out of the ~25,000 students at UCSB have Grammarly premium, meaning there is a lack of equal educational resources for UCSB students. Currently, 3,000 Universities across the United States have implemented Grammarly For Education, including a UC school, UCSF. Grammarly For Education helps students obtain professionality and empowers them to write creatively. Grammarly is incredibly useful for CLAS Writing, English Language Learners, and professional development of students striving to start their careers. Grammarly For Education is a tool that will help all students gain confidence in their writing. By implementing Grammarly for Education at UCSB, we would be enhancing accessible educational opportunities and inspiring positive learning for students of all backgrounds.

Con Statements

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