Do you support the creation of a $0.99 per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $0.33 for summer quarter lock-in fee for the AS Global Gaucho Commission, to promote the welfare of international and domestic students by supporting and creating campus initiatives that celebrate international students’ cultures, make UCSB more inclusive to international students, and enhance the educational experience of all students by enabling them to interact with and learn from people and cultures from around the world.

Pro Statements

The AS Global Gaucho Commission is a student-run organization that focuses on making UCSB a better community for both international students and domestic students by prompting events that celebrate international students’ culture and other programs that facilitate the international students’ inclusion and enable the domestic students to experience the cultural and joy from around the world.

For less than one dollar per quarter, you can make a difference in the educational experience of both 13% of the international students and 87% of the domestic students. Please vote YES on the GGC lock-in fee. Together, we can do it!

Con Statements

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