This fee will support student wages and repairs and improvements to facilities which will allow for improved operations of KCSB-FM in its mission to broadcast educational, non-commercial, independent radio to the UCSB student body and surrounding Santa Barbara County area. KCSB is student-run radio, and student leaders provide broadcast training to other students and community volunteers as they create their own FM radio shows, and learn the fundamentals of independent media and community service.


Do you approve a fee increase of $3.09 per undergraduate per quarter ($2.88 for summer) to support operations of KCSB-FM, from $3.40 to $6.49 (from $3.00 to $5.88 for summer)?  Of the $3.09 collected, $0.77 is for a 25% return to aid, $0.15 is for a 7% administrative assessment collected by the campus on all non-capital expenditures, $0.02 is for the 1% AS recharge fee, and $2.15 will go to KCSB-FM. If passed, the fee increase will begin Fall 2023, and the entire fee will be subject to reaffirmation every two years thereafter as mandated by the AS Constitution. Additionally, if approved, the entire KCSB fee per undergraduate per quarter (including summer) will be placed on the same Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) schedule as the other Associated Students Initiative fees passed in 2006 (COLA is calculated every five years based on the 5-year average consumer price index). The next scheduled adjustment is in 2028 and would continue every 5 years thereafter.


Pro Statements

Since 1962, KCSB-FM has served the 805 community as an independent, educational radio
broadcaster offering students and community members hands-on experience in the production
of their own free-form radio shows. With a weekly cumulative audience of over 5,000 radio
listeners and hundreds of weekly streams, we are the only non-commercial, college and
community radio outlet in the Tri-Counties.

KCSB-FM employs 18 student staff leaders, all of whom gain valuable experience in broadcast
media, leadership, interpersonal work relations, event production and training of volunteers.

Our KJUC-AM station allows anyone to undergo a quarterly training program in which they learn
to produce and engineer their own show; we invite any music, cultural arts, or public affairs
program. About 20 students are trained each quarter in content development and radio
production. KCSB News has a regular roster of nearly 20 reporters, and provides a more
formalized news training with Sociology 91 during winter quarter.

KCSB-FM hosts approximately 4-5 free events per year, while recruiting and providing
opportunities for students and the 805 community to engage in radio's behind-the-scenes
activities, with orientations at the start of every quarter.

There is vast knowledge among our 100+ volunteers who have a rich history with activist media
and movements that are of educational value to UCSB students. Moreover, our range of music
programmers and our CD and vinyl collection curated by students over time provides a music
education that is unique and distinct from what is curated by the Music Department or found in
Special Collections.

Con Statements

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