The Associated Students Food Bank (ASFB) provides food for any undergraduate and

graduate student. In the 2021-2022 school year, the ASFB had 5,247 registered graduate

and undergraduate students. In the same year, it distributed 179,651 pounds of food. The

ASFB has several programs in addition to its food pantry services including operating a

food vending machine, facilitating pre-made bags for students that keep kosher and

halal, a seed bank for students to grow their own food, and offering diapers and formula

for students with dependents. The ASFB and the Associated Students Food Bank

Committee are looking to increase the ability of the food bank to distribute more food

and increase the impact of its programs across campus by increasing the lock-in fee.

This fee will provide approximately about 300,000 lbs of food that will be distributed to

UCSB undergraduate and graduate students and decrease food insecurity. It will give

the ASFB more support to meet the demand for its food pantry services and other food



Additionally, if approved, this fee, including the $7.88 increase, will be subject to a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) adjustment every five years (COLA is calculated every five years based on the 5-year average consumer price index). The next scheduled adjustment is in 2028 and would continue every five years thereafter.


Do you approve a fee increase of $7.88 per undergraduate per quarter, including summer, for AS Food Bank, from 4.96 to $12.84?  Of the $7.88 collected, $1.97 is for a 25% return to aid, $0.38 is for a 7% administrative assessment collected by the campus on all non-capital expenditures, $0.05 is for the 1% AS recharge fee and $5.48 will go to the AS Food Bank. If passed, the fee would begin Fall 2023 and be subject to reaffirmation every two years thereafter as mandated by the AS Constitution and be subject to a COLA increase every five years starting in 2028.


Pro Statements

Con Statements

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