Department of Public Worms/Compost and Gardening Program

This fee increase will support the Associated Students Department of Public Worms (DPW), which was founded in 2004. DPW grows fresh produce for students, manages on-campus composting programs, develops and maintains the Student Farm, and educates students about gardening, composting, and food waste reduction. Funding will be used to expand programs and services, hire more student employees, purchase supplies, and conduct educational programming.


DPW contributes to food production on campus. Through the implementation of a sustainable, closed-loop food-system, DPW grows food that is donated to on-campus food pantries (including the AS Food Bank). The newly built Student Farm located near West Campus is an educational space to learn and practice agricultural techniques. These practices demonstrate, economic, and environmental sustainability through, student leadership, employment opportunities, and community partnerships. The Student Farm also provides opportunities for primary scientific research through interdisciplinary academic programs.




Do you approve of a fee increase of $1.40 per undergraduate (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters). $0.97 is for the UCSB Community Financial Fund, $0.35 is for Return to Aid, an administrative assessment of $0.07 will be charged to all non-capital expenditures, and $0.01 is for the Associated Students recharge fee)?

This new fee increase is an addition to the:

$1.29 per undergraduate for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters already collected to support the AS Department of Public Worms.



Additionally, if approved, the entire Department of Public Worms/Compost and Gardening ProgramĀ fee of $2.69 ($1.29 current fee plus $1.40 increase to the existing fee) per undergraduate student for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarter will be placed on the same reaffirmation cycle (even years). The existing fee is also subject to Return to Aid to assist financially-eligible students.

Pro Statements

Con Statements

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