Do you approve a mandatory fee of $2.52 per undergraduate per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) to support the AS Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee (of the $2.52 collected, $0.63 is for a 25% return to aid, $0.12 is for a 7% administrative assessment collected by the campus on all non-capital expenditures, $0.02 is for the 1% AS recharge fee and $1.75 will go to the AS Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee)?


Pro Statements

This year marks the eleventh anniversary of the AS Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee (SIRRC). In 2007, SIRRC was created primarily to provide services and support to first-generation, low-income, and marginalized and underrepresented students, while still serving all students. The organization’s history includes the development of the Guiding Underrepresented Individuals Developing Educational Success (GUIDES) Summer Orientation (for first years and transfer students), GUIDES Mentorship Program (San Marcos High School and La Cuesta Continuation School), Book Bank, and the AS Food Bank. Additional projects include First Year Mentorship, CAMP, College Trip, PAGE+, study jams, and funding requests for other campus organizations.
A dedicated $2.52 per quarter per undergraduate fee would allow for a secured annual budget in order to continue and expand the number of students who could access SIRRC programs. The secured annual budget will support SIRRC’s programs and help serve a growing population of students.

Con Statements

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