Owen  Meyers
External Vice President - Local Affairs


Dear Fellow Gauchos,

My name is Owen Meyers. I am a 3rd year History of Public Policy and Law major minoring in Labor Studies and Applied Psychology. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of UCSB External Vice President of Local Affairs. I currently serve as the Chair of the Pardall Center and the UCIV Chair of the EVPLA office. These roles have given me the opportunity and the privilege to work closely with Isla Vista residents and come to understand the many different needs and challenges we all face.

If elected, I pledge to use my experience and passion to make contributions that advance our community, as well as focus on initiatives that enhance the quality of life of all residents. As UCIV Chair, I have led the creation of a non-police affiliated station of volunteers at Camino Pescadero Park. A station that provides snacks, water, and overdose prevention materials to any community member that approaches. I plan to continue to expand UCIV as an alternative to law enforcement and use my role as EVPLA to expand its services to the community. My role as Pardall Center Chair has shown me the potential the Pardall Center possesses as a provider of student and community services, as I have assisted in running events and providing services and materials to students such as COVID tests, school supplies, and printing. As EVPLA, I would use my role to upgrade the capabilities of the Pardall Center for the benefit of Isla Vista’s basic needs.


EXPAND UCIV by working with Gauchos for Recovery to create more stations on weekends that provide liquid IV, water, snacks, and overdose prevention materials, as well as hiring more volunteers.

UPGRADE the Pardall Center into a local, inclusive safe space for all student organizations that is open until midnight, working with COSWB and the AS Food Bank to also add vending machines that provide basic needs such as contraceptives, menstrual products, and meal kits. In addition, a free student bike repair service with student workers.

WORK closely with IVTU, IVCSD, and the Board of Supervisors to work towards affordable and sustainable housing in Isla Vista. Hire 2 case workers stationed at the Pardall Center to help students and community members with housing needs on a case-by-case basis.

ESTABLISH more free community library services containing books, student newsletters, and general information about ongoing events and policies.

INCREASE EVPLA transparency through usage of quarterly reports posted on the instagram and website.

PROMOTE bluff safety and work with IVCSD to increase bluff safety awareness and landlord accountability.

CONTINUE to hold free concert events in IV, as well as night markets and cultural potlucks to support local businesses and artists.

As your EVPLA, I would work to foster a safe, inclusive, and stronger community that builds off of the voices of all its residents. Vote for me as your #1 choice for EVPLA!

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