Nayali Broadway


Stepping onto campus for my freshman orientation, I could never have imagined the pivotal moment awaiting me: the day I ventured into former President Gurleen Pabla's office, igniting my path within Associated Students. Running for President was always in the cards for me however, I didn’t think it would come this soon.
The summer before my freshman year I was chosen and appointed to be the Senior Advisor in the Office of the President while navigating not only Associated Students, but UCSB as a whole. In the spring of that year I decided to run for Senate. During my time in the Senate I have continuously seen the underrepresentation of multiple student groups on campus in the light of various recent events. I'm stepping into the election for President with one passionate mission: to mend the severed bond between our student body and Associated Students. The whispers of discontent have grown too loud to ignore, with students voicing concerns about safety on our campus. It's time for action, long overdue and urgently needed. As President, I want to be someone that students can genuinely count on to represent and advocate for them regardless where my beliefs or ideologies may align. Together, let’s build a campus where every student feels heard, valued, and above all, safe. Some of the things I would like to achieve include:
- Ensuring that all students feel safe and included when attempting to better the current campus climate;
- Accurately and efficiently representing our entire student body when addressing any ideas or concerns that they may have;
- Increasing efforts of resolving housing insecurity in terms of costs with rent, security deposits, and application fees;
- Improving the therapy system used in CAPS to achieve shorter wait times;
- Expanding the current student knowledge of mental health resources available on campus;
- Reducing food insecurity by working with Basic Needs and YDSA for meal swipe reform as well as improving food options within AS Food Bank;
- Supporting the Racial Justice Now Campaign! and inquiring how to push for more support on the behalf of the University;
While this is not the full extent of my campaign and the things I hope to achieve as President, I want to demonstrate the support I have for all student groups and their representation. Changes can’t be made without a collective but, a collective can’t be formed without a coalition of trust between the student body and the President.
If you have any questions or concerns check out my instagram @nayali_15 or email me

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