Monica Mekhlouf
External Vice President - Statewide Affairs


I am MONICA MEKHLOUF, candidate for EXTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT for STATEWIDE AFFAIRS. I’m a third-year Communication and Sociology student, and fierce disability justice / basic needs advocate. Be it providing health resources to disabled and queer students, meeting 1:1 with students in housing crises, or grant-writing to start mutual aid programs for financially insecure students, I’ve frequently been at the heart of institutional negligence on behalf of the administration—and I’m determined to make systemic change.

My advocacy is largely informed by my experience as a Syrian-American low-income queer disabled person whose access to this institution has been threatened by lack of accommodation, financial, housing, and safety resources. I aim to continue cultivating wellness and security for marginalized students through resources and events that foster community care and ensure the success of historically underrepresented students.
Don’t be a stranger; let’s connect! Email me at / Find me on Instagram @undercovertrashstar. Remember to ROCK THE ROOF and VOTE MEKHLOUF!

External Head of Staff of the EVPSA
Basic Needs Director of the EVPSA
Gender and Sexual Equity Outreach Coordinator for the Commission on Disability Equity
Rapid Rehousing Pilot Project Coordinator and Cooper Housing Navigator

EXPAND basic needs services to address UCSB’s high levels of food and housing insecurity among students, staff, and workers
ADVOCATE for support and reparations to Indigenous peoples and their continued health, happiness, and sovereignty
MOBILIZE historically underrepresented students within our larger community to participate in lobbying opportunities
CHALLENGE outdated course designs to better teach diverse audiences, including students with disabilities, nontraditional students, and student veterans
COMBAT continued harassment and silencing of SWANA students statewide by enforcing more globally informed safety protections for BIPOC students

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