Endorsed by:

, Alvin Wang

MingJun Zha
International Senator


Hi friend, MingJun here! You may remember my name from last year’s election. Thanks to your trust, I have been representing international students in AS this year.

During my tenure, I worked closely with the AS Global Gaucho Commission to formulate and execute the Thanksgiving meal voucher program, which partnered with Su’s Bowl to give 200 free meals to students who stayed on campus during Thanksgiving when dining halls were all closed.

I also authored the AS Senate Bill to create a pilot for GGC award program that gives 20 community organizers $300 each for creating wonderful events such as CSSA’s New Year Gala, Mood psychology’s group counseling and TSSA’s new students’ series.

In addition, I helped various international students’ orgs get AS funding, which contributed to the CSSA’s New Year Gala, ISA’s Yosemite hiking, SSRACG’s anime café and many other smaller events that exceed $30,000 in total.

Lastly, I’ve managed to put a lock-in fee initiative for the GGC, the only AS entity dedicated to serving international students, on this ballot you are casting right now. It will create an annual funding of $68,310 that goes exclusively to the welfare of international students if passed.

If I can earn your trust for one more year, I promise you that I will:

1. Expanding the meal voucher program by providing it during our cultural holidays also. A delicious and free meal is the least we deserve for having school during the New Year holiday.

2. Making the GGC award program permanent with increased availability, so all students serving our community will be getting recognition for their outstanding work.

3. Making AS funding become more accessible by helping orgs navigating through F&B process and making GGC’s funding better known as its standard is more relaxed compared to F&B.

Please vote for MingJun Zha for a brighter tomorrow!
明るい明日のために、MingJun Zha に投票してください!
더 밝은 내일을 위해 MingJun Zha에 투표해주세요!
Daha parlak bir yarın için lütfen MingJun Zha'ya oy verin!

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