Lily Habas
Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies


My name is Lily Habas and I am running to become your next COLLEGE OF CREATIVE STUDIES SENATOR. I am a third-year art major in CCS and a proud Los Angeles native, as well as a passionate progressive organizer. In the campus community, I am a member of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), where I unite my Jewish identity with advocacy to build a more just world. This year, our campus has witnessed an unprecedented rise in islamophobia, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, and ableism. We must elect student representatives who support and empower the communities that have been let down by the university in the past and work in solidarity with campus BCUs to ensure that all student voices and perspectives are heard.

For too long, the Associated Students Senate has upheld bureaucratic and exclusionary practices against marginalized students while silencing dissenting voices. I believe that advocating for ALL students at UCSB requires interacting directly with the student body and addressing issues of student well-being and safety. Students should never feel targeted, harassed, or unsafe because of their identity while studying or living at this university. As your College of Creative Studies Senator, I will work with YOU to make this safe and inclusive campus environment a reality, both with students in CCS and outside of the college.


EVOLVE the decaying and inaccessible infrastructure of the College of Creative Studies to provide students with the necessary conditions to learn and thrive.

EXPAND basic needs resources like food benefits, employment opportunities, healthcare, and housing for all students.

ADVOCATE for disabled students and increased accessibility on campus while broadening mental healthcare and services for student’s physical well-being.

FIGHT to center Restorative Justice in student conduct policies and ensure students are provided alternatives to police.

COMMIT to holding AS leadership accountable for inaction on critical campus issues and mistreatment of BCUs.

DEMAND that our campus DIVESTS from war and INVESTS in students and marginalized communities.

Feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns and remember to VOTE LILY HABAS FOR COLLEGE OF CREATIVE STUDIES SENATOR!

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