Levi Corlew
Off Campus Senator


Helloo I’m Levi, I’m a first year environmental studies major, I’m a part of the UCSB environmental law club, and I work at the rec center.

As an out of state student, I’m paying a crazy amount of money per year and yet I still have to worry about finding a place to live next year. It’s not fair for us students to pay so much for an education while not having our basic needs met nor receiving the benefits that other campuses have. I believe that students have the ability to demand the administration to fulfill our needs if we can come together. I believe that the Associated Students and all of its programs and organizations can connect students and unify our voices in order to make the change that we want to see. As a senator, I want to help make this goal come true so that we can improve our quality of life and gain an affordable education on a campus that works for us, and is built by us.

To show my commitment to work for the student body’s interests, I promise that 100% of my AS wages will be donated to our Isla Vista community.

My Plans:

- Demand the administration to build more affordable housing and implement rollover meal swipes.
- Make this a more just campus by demanding the administration to divest from companies that profit off of war and instead invest in students and marginalized communities.
- Increase the transparency and accountability of the AS Senate by making their instagram more well known (it only has a measly 220 followers), and by consistently updating their website (it hasn’t been updated since 2022).

My instagram is @levi.c0 and my email is levicorlew@ucsb.edu, feel free to reach out 🙂

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