Leiya Kadah
Off Campus Senator


My name is LEIYA KADAH and I am running to be your next OFF-CAMPUS SENATOR1

I am a third-year transfer student majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences. I proudly identify as an Arab-American Muslim student and the grandchild of a man who was willing to fight for the progress of his people. I am committed to keeping the spirit of my grandfather alive by standing for what is right by my communities.

In my time at UCSB, I have already witnessed several attempts and abuses of power by members of AS to silence and harass students, especially those of marginalized communities and backgrounds, as well as a disappointing amount of gross misconduct, in general.

I plan to CENTER our STUDENT community and their needs.
In running for this position and getting involved with student government, my hope is to redirect our focus on the students, especially those in need of our help. Especially listening to voices of marginalized communities and making sure they are represented will be my priority.

I plan on EXPANDING mental health resources available for students.
In my role within AS, I hope to be able to reinvest in our students and communities and prioritize their mental health, well being and interests of the students paying to attend this university, rather than the interests of board members, faculty and corporations looking to profit off of our tuition dollars.

As your elected official, I will make it my priority to listen, respond to and uplift the voices of the students I am representing.


feel free to reach out via ig:@leiyakadah

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