Endorsed by:

Leah Khorsandi
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science


Hi! My name is Leah Khorsandi, I’m a Global Studies major from Los Angeles, and I am excited to be running to be your next College of Letters and Sciences Senator!

For the past four years, I have dedicated myself to support mental health initiatives, such as volunteering at a mental health hotline and serving on the board for the Western Justice Center’s restorative justice program, where I have gained invaluable experience required to properly serve the College of L&S and best represent the interests of all students. In these roles I have met with and served hundreds of students from low-income and global communities, and as your representative I will continue to foster inclusive and supportive communities in the student body.

As a first-generation American, navigating college in the U.S has undoubtedly been difficult. It is imperative to me that there are more mental health resources for first-gen Americans, first-gen students, and international students who have an unmet need for assistance at UCSB as they are navigating through uncharted waters. Simply being a student is expensive, and it is my responsibility to expand basic needs and ensure every student, regardless of financial background, can succeed at UCSB. I vow to secure better utilization of our funds, involving financial transparency within AS, to support the basic needs of all students.

Additionally, as a woman in Greek Life, student safety and violence prevention are extremely important to me. I am dedicated to cultivating a campus culture that prioritizes risk practices; I pledge to uplift our existing resources, working within AS to inform students on how to best utilize them. Being in Greek Life has taught me to be a leader and make an impact, and I vow to create a safer campus for all students, in Greek Life or not.

A vote for me is a vote for:
Wider mental health resources for first-gen and international students
Expansion of basic needs and financial transparency
Violence prevention and campus safety

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