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Students for Justice in Palestine , , Levi Corlew Kapatirang Pilipino UCSB, , Sophia Wang

Jazmyne Gates


Hey everyone! I'm Jaz’myne Gates, but you can call me Jaz. I'm a third-year Sociology major running in hopes of being your next elected A.S. President at UCSB. Over my three years here, I've been deeply involved in student leadership roles, advocating for a more diverse community. Though I represent just 0.04% of the student body, my passion lies in being a representative for all.

Many minority students, myself included, have felt unsupported and marginalized. It's crucial to recognize our varied experiences and address them with support. I envision leadership as nurturing a community garden—each individual thriving. With over $15 million in A.S. funds, I aim to redirect resources for the well-being of students.

This past year highlighted the need for campus healing and rebuilding trust in A.S. I'm committed to transparency, accountability, and educating students on available resources. My diverse roles, from Diversity Intern to Campus Conference Chair, have equipped me with the skills to enact change.

My Experience: Diversity Intern for the Office of Admissions, San Cat North Hall Council President/Residential Housing Association (RHA), Returner Resident Assistant (R&CL), Black Student Union’s Co-Membership Development Coordinator, and Campus Conference Chair of the 21st Annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference

My goals: Transforming the campus climate through collaboration with each community, fostering dialogue, and empowering students from all backgrounds. Leadership isn't just about impact—it's about forming connections and advocating for peers' needs. Let's collaborate, uplift communities, and create positive change together.

Feel free to reach out on Instagram: @jaazmmynne or via email: jazmyne@ucsb.edu. Let's make UCSB an inclusive and supportive space for all!

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