Jasmine Amin
Off Campus Senator


My name is Jasmine Amin and I'm running for Off-Campus Senator. As a first-generation Iranian-American and a Sociology major on the law track at UCSB, I want to champion the needs and voices of off-campus students. Navigating university life from off-campus presents unique challenges, from feeling disconnected to confronting bureaucratic obstacles. My campaign is dedicated to breaking down these barriers, ensuring every student feels included and heard.

Here’s what I stand for:
--> Streamlined Communication: I will work to demystify interactions with administration, making it easier for students to bring forward their concerns and ideas.
--> Enhanced Transportation and Accessibility: Advocating for improved transportation solutions to better connect off-campus students with our campus life.
--> Building Community: Initiating support networks and events specifically designed for off-campus students to foster a stronger sense of belonging.

My background in sociology, combined with my previous leadership experience as VP of DECA, captain of Track and Field, and more, equips me with the insight and determination to make these changes a reality. At UCSB it’s crucial that every voice is heard and valued; it is my goal to make that happen for students.

VOTE JASMINE AMIN FOR OFF-CAMPUS SENATOR. Together, we can create a more connected, inclusive, and responsive UCSB.

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