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Students for Justice in Palestine , Kapatirang Pilipino UCSB, , Levi Corlew , Sophia Wang

Ivan Hernandez
Transfer Senator


Dear UCSB Fellow Transfer Students,

My name is Ivan Hernandez (He/Him), a proud CS transfer student from Diablo Valley College (DVC) in the Bay Area.

I grew up in Mexico but relocated to California in 2016. Since then, I've faced the challenges of being a first-generation college student, learning a new language, and adapting to a different culture. However, I've discovered joy in advocating and representing my community; I prioritize using solidarity and action to uplift and empower voices historically silenced.

My engagement at DVC and UCSB confirms my readiness and dedication to student success.

My Qualifications:
1. Diablo Valley College (DVC) Student Body President
2. Contra Costa Community College District (4CD) Student Trustee
3. Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Vice President
4. Perman Fellow under the External Vice President for Statewide Affairs (EVPSA)
5. Student Representative for the Student Apartment Community Council (SACC)
6. Member at UCSB Lobby Corp

Through my different roles, my focus has been advocating for transfer students' needs and priorities while engaging with state and national representatives during legislative visits.

Transferring to a four-year institution is challenging, and while UCSB is welcoming, more can be done. My campaign centers on supporting transfer students academically and personally. A few key issues include fostering a sense of belonging, academic/personal support, streamlining credit transfers, addressing financial concerns, and aiding social adjustment.

If elected, I'll prioritize:
1. Reducing student fees
2. Improving Student Health & Wellness
3. Priority housing access for transfer students
4. Advocating for fair parking fees

With a strong policy and leadership background, I'm committed to advocating for all transfer students at UCSB and have your concerns at my forefront priority.

Thank you for your support! Feel free to contact me with any questions at: linkedin.com/in/ivan512az/

Ivan Hernandez

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