Hazel Gong
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science


Hello, my name is Hazel Gong, and I’m running for the Senate position in our Associated Students election. As a second year but with a senior standing, I have spent a lot of time at UCSB and love it deeply! My passion for student involvement on campus has driven me to step up and seek to make a difference.

With my leadership as outreach officers and social media coordinators in several clubs, I have had a lot of experience in talking to students and getting them to participate in my clubs. I have learned many students’ deepest desire to get involved and find their community in college. UCSB is such a big campus with thousands of students, my main goal is to create a campus that offers more activities and social events for students to go to, making a campus where the students feel at home.

I’m committed to creating a more connected, inclusive campus community and being an active team player in our student government. Please consider me for the senate position and allow me to voice my ideas to create a better campus for all of our students and many to come!

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