Ephraim Shalunov


Vote Ephraim Shalunov for AS President: Leadership that Delivers!

My Mission: Transform the Associated Students into an efficient, transparent, and reliable organization for all UCSB students. And I’ve got the experience, expertise, and team to get it done.

Your Investment: AS's $18M+ budget directed towards:

-- Affordable, accessible student parking.
-- Equitable Food Bank services, on and off campus.
-- Travel home vouchers for in-need students during breaks.
-- Better support for cultural groups, campus communities, and greek life.
– Cheaper, safer, and higher quality housing for students.
– More access to long-term mental health care.
-- More detailed info on my instagram!

My Track Record, 2 years in Senate, currently leader of the Senate:

-- Safety Initiatives: Collaborated with County Supervisor Laura Capps on an 8-step plan to prevent cliff falls.
-- Saved Student Health: Leveraged $1.3M funding, protecting student interests.
-- Financial Transparency Act: Enhanced our budgeting clarity.
-- Funding for Students & Clubs: Introduced new financial avenues for the UCSB community.
-- Budget Efficiency: Reduced waste, boosting support for vital services and at-risk students.

(Para obtener información para votantes en español, ¡consulte mi instagram!)

A little about me:

-- Computer Science student from the SF Bay. Find me studying on the library fourth floor, working late at AS Main, or back home at the AEΠ house.
-- I fly as a civilian Search and Rescue mission commander, finding lost hikers and crashed aircraft, with a Life Saving Award from Civil Air Patrol. I love camping, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and flying my drone!

Connect with me:
-- Instagram: @ephraim.ucsb (dm me!)
-- Email: as-eshalunov@ucsb.edu

I'm committed to making AS an organization you're proud to support. Vote for change, vote Ephraim!

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