Endorsed by:

, Alvin Wang , Jazmyne Gates Mood Psychology Club,

Ella Yu
International Senator


Hi! I'm Ella Yu, a sophomore in Communication and German. I'm excited to run for International Senator to enhance the UCSB experience for every international student.

Raised in Shanghai and immersed in languages of Shanghainese, German, English, and Portuguese from a young age, my global upbringing instilled in me a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. As head of CSSA’s International Cultural Exchange Department and with COC experience, I've promoted Chinese culture with UCSB community through events like Spring Festival, highlighting the value of cultural exchange in enhancing mutual understanding among students.

My vision for the International Senate encompasses three core initiatives:

1. International Gaucho Nutritional Assistance Program:
Leveraging UCSB’s Food Bank, this will cater to the specific dietary and cultural needs of our international student body, offering discounts at Isla Vista local eateries and campus spots, alongside hosting international cuisine cooking classes, establishing a food-sharing platform, and providing emergency food grants.

2. International Career Fair&Legal Aid Initiatives:
This will bridge international students with employers offering H1B sponsorships and deliver workshops on U.S. legal navigation, visa regulations, and employment law, empowering students for career success and rights advocacy.

3. Global Gaucho Integration&Orientation Program:
Tailored to ease international students into UCSB and U.S. society, this program will include optional pre-arrival modules on cultural acclimatization, academic norms, legal rights, and health and safety, complemented by an in-person orientation and the Cultural Ambassador Program to promote heritage sharing and inclusivity.

By bridging cultural gaps, addressing nutritional needs, and providing legal and career guidance, I aim to make UCSB a place where every student, regardless of where they come from, feel at home and empowered to thrive.

Vote for ELLA Yu as your next INTERNATIONAL SENATOR!

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