Eemaan  Wahidullah
Off Campus Senator


Hello, I'm Eemaan Wahidullah and I'm running to be your next off-campus senator! I'm a first-year student majoring in Pre-biology and Political Science. I care deeply about helping communities in need, especially those often overlooked. I'm proud to be Afghan-American and Muslim, and the first in my family to attend university in America. It's concerning that many communities on our campus lack support and representation, facing discrimination and neglect. As a leader, I believe in listening to and supporting those who depend on me the most. I want to be a voice for all marginalized groups, including Muslims, people of color, and more, advocating for their rights and needs.

Throughout my life, I've moved to various places, experiencing discrimination and a lack of representation, especially for minority communities. I've seen progress for some groups, but many are still struggling, overshadowed by negative stereotypes. I've also witnessed the stigma against these communities persisting even in prestigious universities like ours. It's essential to address these issues to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

My experience includes being a self-published author of children's books to educate children on important values, advocating for awareness of issues affecting minority communities, and volunteering for non-profit organizations supporting families in Afghanistan. I've also been involved in political campaigns such as Senator Niello, Shanti London, Limon’s office, and community organizations like SJP and MSA.

My platforms include advocating for the rights of all marginalized groups, ensuring funds are used for essential needs like housing and food benefits, providing better resources for religious communities, promoting environmental sustainability, and urging the university to divest from war and invest in our community's growth in Isla Vista.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Instagram @eemaanjan05. Remember to vote for Eemaan Wahidullah for off-campus senator!

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