Endorsed by:

Students for Justice in Palestine , , Carly Lankarani , Levi Corlew Kapatirang Pilipino UCSB,

Dominic Wang
Off Campus Senator


My name is Dominic Wang and I am running to be your off-campus senator. I am a disabled, queer trans, Chinese-American student, and proud. In a time when financial instability is on the rise, disproportionately impacting disabled, queer trans people of color this past year, I will fight for the needs of the student body, and support marginalized communities.
I believe AS has ignored the needs of students for far too long. Students are struggling. We work hours too long, get paid too little, pay too much for a place to sleep. We are financially unstable, food insecure, and homeless. My experiences seeing friends and family struggle led me to do mutual aid work to support other students struggling in the same way. Food Not Bombs feeds the community free meals each Sunday, gives out produce, and fiscally supports those who need it. As a member of Food Not Bombs Isla Vista, I do what AS senate does not: support students with their day-to-day needs.
As your elected official, I will continue supporting students with their material needs. Change only happens through solidarity and action; as someone whose experience informs their decisions, I will stand in solidarity with my and other marginalized communities on this campus, and take action, changing UCSB for the better.

I will:

Support low-income, marginalized, and disabled students by:
Increasing AS senate’s focus on accessibility, such as DSP accommodations and disability friendly campus transport
Funding basic needs resources, such as food benefits and housing accessibility to all students
Fighting for equitable access to these resources for all students, including queer trans students, disabled students, and students of color, who are too often left out of beneficial programs

Demand that our campus divests from war and invests in our struggling communities

As your elected official, I will listen to the needs of the communities I represent. Remember to VOTE DOMINIC WANG FOR OFF-CAMPUS SENATOR!

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