Endorsed by:

Dalia Gerson
Off Campus Senator


My name is Dalia Gerson, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Off-Campus Senator. I am a first year pre-biology major, and am originally from Mexico but have lived in Toronto and San Diego as well. As a Jewish, Latin-American student, I bring a unique perspective and distinct drive for making a difference at UCSB. Additionally, having served in student government throughout high school and participated in various leadership programs, I am confident in my skills to lead the UCSB community.
This past year I have immersed myself in many communities on campus. I have loved becoming a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and collaborating with inspiring women to create a better Santa Barbara community. Participating in philanthropy events and empowering women leadership on campus has been incredibly rewarding. I have also loved becoming a member of the Jewish community at UCSB and attending events such as shabbat dinners at Chabad and cultural celebrations.
I want to bring an empowering, inclusive, and collaborative approach to my leadership as Senator. I believe supporting the diverse campus communities and organizations will foster a sense of unity for all students. Additionally, I am committed to championing student-led initiatives, such as zero waste programs and mental health awareness campaigns, which directly reflect student interests and concerns. Another goal of mine would be to advocate for campus improvements that enhance student life, such as expanding dining options, improving bike paths, and strengthening safety measures.
As your AS Senator, I promise to always lead with transparency, accessibility, and communication. I will maintain an open-door policy, actively seek your input, and ensure all your voices are heard. I believe that my experiences, skills, and passion for advocacy make me well-suited to serve as a strong leader for our student community. I am excited for the opportunity to represent you as a member of the UCSB AS Senate. Thank you!

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