Corelle  Gabay
Off Campus Senator


Hi, my name is Corelle Gabay, and I am a first-year dance major here at UCSB. From the moment I applied to this school, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Over the last two quarters, I have attended senate meetings and observed Associated Students doing an amazing job. It is my dream to contribute to the well-being of the students on this campus and to help make AS an even better space. I am so excited to be running for off-campus Senator! As a senator, I have two main goals:

First – I would love to help create safe spaces for all students. Whether this space is based on religion, sexuality, or identity, every person deserves a place where they feel safe. A space where you can express yourself freely and be with people who share many things with you.

Second – I would like to further the dance department. I believe that dance majors should have access to athletic facilities, as well as have access to physical therapy. Dance majors use their bodies every day as part of their classes, not as recreation, and should receive proper care. In addition to physical therapy, dance majors should also have access to amenities such as ice baths offered in athletic facilities.

Along with my personal goals as a senator, I plan to utilize my office hours, attend events, and engage with many students to understand what I can do for them. Overall, I want to represent all students, regardless of their identity, and I would love to contribute to the enhancement of student life here at UCSB. Thank you for considering me for your vote!

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