Endorsed by:

Alvin Wang
Student Advocate General


UCSB community, my name is Alvin Wang and I’m running to be your next Student Advocate General.

All of us are united by the goal of higher education. But from inequitable academic policy and predatory landlords to food insecurity, there are obstacles that hinder academic success. How can we succeed when 48% of our student body face food insecurity and we have to live in our cars because we can’t afford rent or tuition.

I have always advocated for students' rights. I have fought tirelessly to alleviate food insecurity through reforming our broken dining hall system. I have worked to expand UCSB services for students recovering from substance abuse. I have celebrated UCSB’s sustainability efforts and still lobbied our administration for a more ambitious carbon neutrality plan.

In my role as Student Advocate General, I’m committed to continuing my advocacy on the behalf of ALL students, fighting against an administration that profits from our hardships.

My A.S. Experience:
Chair of the Basic Needs (Advocacy) Committee
Engineering Collegiate Senator
-----> Worked with the current SAG to revise AS Restorative Justice policy
-----> Expanded the Office of Student Advocate General
Caseworker of the Office of the Attorney General

1. NEGOTIATE the provision of greater basic needs and housing resources for ALL students
2. MANDATE the implementation of restorative justice practices in conduct cases
3. DEMAND the lowering of the quarterly GPA requirement for academic probation
4. COLLABORATE with USS to help undocumented students navigate basic needs, financial aid, university policy

As someone who has worked closely with the previous Student Advocate General and Basic Needs resources at UCSB, I can guarantee you that if elected, I will put all of my experience and drive into working for the student body.

We all have the right to succeed academically. We all have the right to an affordable education. Vote Alvin Wang for SAG, and I will ensure these rights are granted to you.

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