Endorsed by:

Students for Justice in Palestine , , Alvin Wang , Carly Lankarani , Levi Corlew Kapatirang Pilipino UCSB, , Sophia Wang

Alexa Butler
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science


My name is Alexa Butler, and I'm running g for Letters of Science Senator. I am third-year Black Studies major from Fresno, CA. In the Associated Students and at UCSB, I envision several changes that reflect my commitment to advocacy. This need for immediate change comes from personal grievances as A.S. member and witnessing the of targeting marginalized communities, pretreated by active A.S. Lack of trust, inclusion and safety are common sentiments bipoc UCSB students face. The current Associated Students don’t represent my voice or the voices of minority students. As a A.S. Senator I vow to bridge that gap. This includes promoting diversity, to ensure that the voices of marginalized communities are heard. This also entails addressing systemic issues of discrimination, and violence to ensure that every member of the UCSB community can pursue their education without fear or safety concerns. My vision for the Associated Students and UCSB centers on creating a campus environment that embodies support and solidarity.

My experience:
Co-Chair Black Women’s Health Collaborative(BWHC)

Mentor Undergraduate Mentor Program(UMP)

Tour Guide Gaucho Tour Association(GTA)

Anti-Blackness Resolution Student Sponsor


Divestment - I strongly support the implementation of resolutions aligned with Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. UCSB must divest from institutions complicit genocide.

Campus Climate Advocacy - I will ensure the placement of BIPOC students in positions of power, making their voices valued. By actively listening to and addressing the needs of BIPOC students.

Combating Doxxing - I will end threat of doxxing. Doxxing, the act of publicly revealing personal information online. I pledge to ensure that adequate resources and support systems are in place to assist students who may become victims of doxxing.

Thank you for considering me, please reach-out to me if you want to discuss or have questions Instagram: @AlexaButler email: Alexabutler@ucsb.edu

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