Endorsed by:

Students for Justice in Palestine , Kapatirang Pilipino UCSB, , Carly Lankarani , Jazmyne Gates , Levi Corlew , Sophia Wang

Açucar Pinto
Internal Vice President


Hello y’all, my name is Açucar Pinto, an Art major with a Black Studies Minor & I am running for IVP for our A.S.!
UCSA Students Enacting Environmental Defense Vice Chair
I oversaw & coordinated individuals on a UC-wide level! I organized teach-ins, orientation, & events. I attended regents meetings, & maintained communication with students, faculty, & community members!
EVPSA Community Outreach Liaison
I brought community awareness of A.S resources such as: funding, conventions & lobby days, connection to faculty/admin, programs, & information!
AIISA General Officer
Used my position to create coalition & solidarity between departments, communities, & organizers. Advocated for indigenous presence & awareness in the Sustainability & Environmental Studies department.

As IVP, I aim to guide our legislative, judicial, & executive bodies into a path that is just for ALL.
I would like to ENCOURAGE the senate to interact with communities affected by policies put on the floor & urge student communities to interact with our governing body in a way that is PRODUCTIVE & EQUITABLE. I aim to bring humanity into government & communities to a place of solidarity. As a transfer & first-generation college student, I am deeply aware of how the system continues to fail marginalized people.
I see a lack in order & collaboration in the senate. To remedy this, I would work to create Community Senate Guidelines in conjunction with the Senate to foster a welcoming environment that would boost our campus climate, make communication lines more productive, & remove hostility from the senate floor.
Our policies & actions should reflect the student body as well as correct the INJUSTICES put forth through repression of speech & denial of resources. Through my position, I will REMIND our senators of our potentiality in our positions & how we can EXTEND resources to students that need them as well as encourage the creation of more through the Associated Students.
People should feel EMPOWERED to interact with the governing student bodies, I would like to ensure a REALITY.
Be true, VOTE FOR AÇU!

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