Endorsed by:

, Levi Corlew

Vero Caveroegusquiza
External Vice President - Statewide Affairs


My name is VERO and I am running to be your next EXTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT for STATEWIDE AFFAIRS. I am a third year Political Science Major, Earth Science Minor, and I am currently working to receive a certificate as an Intersectional Justice Facilitator. I am a proud Peruvian-American student and as part of several communities whose voices often go unheard, an important part of my activism is about the use of solidarity and action to uplift and empower the voices of those who have been historically silenced.

I believe that when we stand with those who have been silenced we not only stand to gain new understandings of worldviews different to ours, but also the strength that standing together brings us. Advocating for ALL student voices to be heard at UCSB means we must use intersectional and holistic approaches to justice, action, and advocacy, and that is what I intend to do. My work both in and outside the EVPSA office has made me intimately aware that change happens through student SOLIDARITY and ENGAGEMENT, and our student body is one of our points of strength in achieving that change.

My Experience:
Secretary for Human Rights Watch UCSB
CHIEF of Staff for the External Vice President for Statewide Affairs Office
CHAIR for Mauna Kea Protectors UCSB

My Platforms:
EXPAND basic needs resources such as housing, financial support, and employment for students regardless of documentation status
COMMIT to transparency in AS for its internal missteps, and accountability for inaction
FIGHT for affordable, accessible, and ethical housing for UC students
BUILD resources for conflict resolution grounded in intersectional and restorative justice for ALL students
DEMAND the UC take accountability for and put an end practices and investments that cause institutional and enduring harm to indigenous communities
STRENGTHEN campus communities and resources to ensure that students have solid alternatives to police

Feel free to reach me on instagram at @verocaveros and Remember to Vote VERO for EVPSA!

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