Endorsed by:

Osaze Osayande
External Vice President - Local Affairs


Hi all!

I’m Osaze! I'm a first-gen third-year Psych & Brain Sciences major minoring in Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice and I want to be YOUR next EVPLA!

As a minoritized student, I know what it's like to feel underrepresented on campus. My primary goal is to guarantee every student feels heard and supported regardless of whether I am their representative. I love UCSB and want to see it at its best. If elected, I will devote myself to this goal while advocating for every one of you. My commitment to our community led me to join the EVPLA office as the Community Services District Coordinator, further impassioning me, and is ultimately why I want to be your EVPLA!


RE-IMAGINE a more inclusive understanding of community safety by:
ADVOCATING for expanding the Restorative Justice Program & diversifying teaching staff
INVESTING in non-punitive approaches to community safety by prioritizing the enlargement of UCIV & advocating for INCREASED mental health professionals as first responders
IMPROVING safe-partying resources by partnering with Gauchos4Recovery to ensure equitable access to overdose prevention tools

ESTABLISH increased EVPLA transparency & accessibility by:
CREATING a public forum for YOU to voice any concerns
BRIDGING the gap between the EVPLA & student body by IMPLEMENTING informational town halls for community members + local/campus orgs to share the office’s resources
INFORMING students of EVPLA initiatives through INCREASED awareness campaigns

ADVOCATE for IV residents/UCSB students by:
COLLABORATING with IVTU, IVCSD, & SB Board of Supervisors to lobby for affordable and safe housing, rent stabilization, & landlord accountability
EXTENDING access to basic-needs resources to all IV residents, especially the unhoused and housing-insecure
INCREASING the amount of SUSTAINABILITY centered community initiatives

As EVPLA, I want to be YOUR vessel for CHANGE. Reach out osazeosayande@ucsb.edu and VOTE for me as your #1 CHOICE for EVPLA!

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