Endorsed by:

MingJun Zha
International Senator


I will make the EOP grant, which is funded by the whole UCSB undergraduate, including us, international students, finally available to international Students.

I will make the Global Gaucho Committee, the only AS BCU that serves international students, does its job and make a real impact on us.

I will be available to chat personally and help you whenever requested. You can find my email by searching the name MingJun Zha in UCSB people finder or just send me a text at 8056273497

从西红柿炒蛋再到帮同学乔宿舍再到群里答疑,明骏从未缺席,如果能得到你的信任和手中的一票,我承诺将一如既往的为你辛勤工作,日夜打拼;或许不是每次的帮助都能让你如尝所愿,但我可以保证的是我一定会付出是百分之百的努力来尝试达成你所希望的目标; 如有任何需要请不要犹豫直接联系微信 cha422310。

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