Endorsed by:

Mikayla Martinez
Off Campus Senator


Hello! My name is Mikayla Martinez and I am running to be an off-campus senator. I am an undeclared second-year planning to declare my major as sociology. I am actively involved in several organizations on campus that advocate for the students of Santa Barbara, including the Campus Democrats and Planned Parenthood Generation Action, and I care deeply about upholding the standards for diversity and inclusion on our campus. Every student at UCSB deserves to feel safe and cared for by their school and student government, and I hope to help foster an environment where they do. With leadership skills built through years of management positions in school clubs such as the Red Cross Club and community service organizations such as the American Cancer Society, I plan to work as a team with my fellow senators to make sure that everyone feels not only safe but encouraged to express themselves on our campus. I look forward to being able to continue to advocate for my fellow community members!

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