Endorsed by:

Micah Littlepage
University Owned Off-Campus Senator


Hello fellow gauchos! My name is Micah Littlepage, and I'm running to be the next University Owned Off-Campus Senator. I’m currently a first year political science pre-major, and since coming to UCSB, I’ve worked intensively towards amplifying student voices and building student political power. I’m running for Senate in order to continue this work by ensuring that the interests and needs of students are being prioritized by Associated Students. I’m currently involved in multiple student groups, including the Campus Democrats, and I’ve worked on multiple successful issue-focused campaigns in both high school and college. In addition to amplifying student voices, as a Senator I will work to assure that the Senate remains accessible for all students, and support our marginalized and underrepresented groups on campus. Please feel free to reach out or contact me for any questions: mlittlepage@ucsb.edu. Thank you, and I hope to earn your support!

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