Endorsed by:

Mia Goren
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science


Hi Gauchos! I’m Mia Goren, a first year pre-biology and statistics major, and I’m running to be your next College of Letters and Sciences Senator.! I am super excited to begin this journey, and I will fight for everyone in our Gaucho community every step of the way. As a first year student, I bring with me all past student government experience, which includes four years of leadership experience, and a fresh view of UCSB. While many may have grown accustomed to the way things run on this campus, I am able to see what areas are difficult for incoming and current students and create plans of action to alleviate the stresses and injustices that students on this campus face. Some of my solutions to major issues I have seen are:
-Providing equal access to food and drinks on campus on a daily basis, regardless of financial status
-Improving the class registration process and pass time allocation
-Increasing available study spaces and study aid as well as providing test taking materials
-Prolong deadlines for adding, dropping, and switching to pass/fail for classes
-Efficiently utilizing funds and increasing transparency of their use
-Improve climate control and feedback in on-campus buildings and campus owned off-campus buildings
-Broadcasting available jobs, internships, and research opportunities more directly to students
My qualifications include:
-4+ years of student leadership experience
-communication skills
-active part of Isla Vista and UCSB Communities through various clubs and programs

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!
My instagram is @miaaa.goren, and my email is mgoren@ucsb.edu

Let's have a great year 🙂

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