Endorsed by:

Kellen Beckett
External Vice President - Local Affairs


My name is Kellen Beckett. I’m a third year Political Science and Writing & Literature student and I’m running to be your next External Vice President of Local Affairs!!!!

I believe the most important part of AS is to advocate for and distribute student fees back to students, and not to be a monolithic sinkhole of student funds. As an AS Senator, I’ve seen the ability AS has to actually help people, and also the bureaucratic bullshit and resume chasing that can get in the way. I’m running because I believe the EVPLA office has the MOST potential to actually help UCSB students and improve their time here both as a STUDENT and as an IV RESIDENT.

As your next potential EVPLA, I will:

-> Work to connect students with attorneys to FIGHT unjust evictions and landlords who refuse to remediate mold infestations
-> Work with local government to STOP rent increases
-> Continue the fight to PREVENT police cameras from being put in Isla Vista streets
-> Open the Isla Vista Community Center as a daily STUDY SPACE
-> Distribute FREE Rophynol testing kits and Naloxone
-> HIRE a new Interpersonal Violence Investigator to provide sexual assault and stalking support
-> PROMOTE IVCSD resources such as the IV Survivor Resource Center and Rental Housing Mediator
-> Work with IVRPD to promote summer concerts and create events that keep our beautiful parks in use throughout the year
-> Continue the fight for Isla Vista to become a CITY!

My prior experience in AS includes:
Director of Alumni Affairs in the Office of the President
College of Creative Studies Senator
Basic Needs Committee
Controls and Compliance Committee (Ensuring AS is financially transparent)

For more information, visit my instagram @kelbeck, DM me, or email kbeckett@ucsb.edu.


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