Endorsed by:

Jacob Eisner
Internal Vice President


Hi Gauchos! I’m Jacob "Bi-King" Eisner

I'm a 3rd year engineering major and international student eager to earn your vote and represent the campus community as the next INTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT!


-Worked for 4 years developing processes to make housing more affordable across Canada.

-Volunteered with the Calgary Food Bank for hundreds of hours.

-Developed and launched numerous websites.


-Transform the A.S. website into a hub of student resources, making it easier for students to utilize campus resources and easily understand and access important information.

-Increase A.S. budget transparency by clearly showing a breakdown of yearly financials on the front page of its website.

-Implement preventative measures to ensure swift responses to instances of antisemitism and racism across campus.

-Minimize spending and maximize the use of resources to reduce your student fees while still delivering essential resources for community members.

-Utilize my experience in housing to help the students in Isla Vista struggling with greedy landlords and ever increasing rents.

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