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, Mingjun Zha

Ephraim Shalunov
Off Campus Senator


Hi! I'm Ephraim, a CS student from the Bay Area. I'm running to be YOUR Off-Campus Senator next year. Here's why I hope you will give me the honor of continuing to represent your interests in the Senate:


In Winter Quarter, I was appointed to the Senate to fill a vacancy. Immediately, I set to work addressing key issues I see prevailing in Associated Students:


In my first weeks as a Senator, I started and now co-chair the Controls & Compliance Committee—a Senate group dedicated to ensuring that student fees are spent appropriately, efficiently, and legally. I lead research on these issues, and am continuously working to improve Associated Students while keeping student fees affordable. I have spent hundreds of hours in budgetary deliberations, pouring over financial documents, examining audits, and otherwise working to make sure YOUR money is well spent.

I believe that Senators (and all elected officials) have a responsibility to advocate for students, and their hard-earned money. Millions of dollars of student fees are spent every quarter, and I’m fighting hard to make sure that every penny is spent transparently and effectively.

If re-elected, I’ll continue to painstakingly question our expenditures, ensure that our financial policies are actually followed, and vote for our fees to be used in the places they matter most.


Associated Students is a massive bureaucracy. I’ve seen first-hand how this leads to inefficient stalling as opposed to actual progress. You count on this Association representing your interests and providing for your needs: You can count on me to make sure that it does so efficiently.

As a Senate member of the Finance & Business committee, I have experience optimizing our organization and making sure that our critical work gets done. I bring drive, energy, and experience to the Senate, and I hope you’ll re-elect me to continue the important work that needs to be done.

From protecting our Student Health rights, to expanding and streamlining our bike programs, to optimizing the Senate itself, I hope that you’ll give me the chance to keep working on the projects I care about—and that I know you care about too—for the sake of a better, more inclusive, and more effective Association for all of us.


I firmly believe that elected leaders are nothing but channels of the people they seek to represent. I live that practice in my day-to-day Senate business, and hope to continue to advocate for this philosophy throughout Associated Students if re-elected.

Every candidate has their niches and identities. I am Jewish, and hold my Jewish identity close to my heart as a guiding beacon for my morality, community, and philosophy. I know that I can represent my Jewish constituents intuitively; I know what our community needs and wants, or at least how to find out.

But I also represent hundreds who do not share my identities. If that’s you, I hope that I can learn from you, and learn what you care about. My door is always open, and I’ll always be thrilled to grab a cup of coffee and learn about what you or your community need from Associated Students and the Senate.


Here’s the TL;DR: I’ve got the experience that matters, a proven track record, and a prevailing philosophy that I hope you can get behind. I’m so excited to keep working for you as a Senator, and to keep advocating for our money to be spent well, our projects completed, our people looked after, and our communities heard. Thank you, and I hope that you choose to…


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