Endorsed by:

Emily von Zedtwitz
Off Campus Senator


Given your direct contribution to the $12 million budget in student fees under AS Senate management, as your Off-Campus Senator next year, I am committed to ensuring that every dollar spent is utilized to maximize your academic success & social experience at UCSB.

Currently, available and affordable housing, and course registration difficulties are two main challenges that negatively affect the quality of our education.

My name is Emily von Zedtwitz, and I am running to be your Off-Campus Senator to continue my current service as an On-Campus Senator. I am determined to transform your ideas into concrete and feasible solutions.

Currently, only half of IV’s 23,000 residents are UCSB students, with a substantial remaining SBCC tenant population. I will work alongside the Isla Vista Tenants Union to negotiate housing priority for UCSB students and secure rental leases ahead of SBCC students. Additionally, I will advocate for increased bus frequency and expand routes to reduce additional transportation costs for students living in more affordable towns nearby (Goleta).

Everyone can relate to the experience of having to catch up two weeks into the quarter after being taken off the waitlist for a course someone drops last minute. I will propose a mandate for professors to post their syllabus, clarifying content and workload on GOLD during course registration to avoid this issue. Moreover, when the waitlist is cleared, GOLD should be programmed to send an automatic notification to the next student on the waitlist without students having to check daily.

I will work with members of the student body and engage with University administration to ensure full communication of our services in social media and news outlets.

As I will be living on Trigo this fall as a second-year political science student, I look forward to representing your voices as a fellow UCSB student living in Isla Vista!


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