Endorsed by:

, Levi Corlew

Diya Bhandari
Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies


Dear fellow Gauchos,

I, Diya Bhandari, am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Letters and Science Senator at UC Santa Barbara. As a third-year biological science major passionate about the academic success and well-being of our community, I believe I would be an excellent representative for our college.

As a Letters and Science student myself, I am familiar with the unique challenges that we face in pursuing our academic and career goals. I understand the importance of having a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages intellectual growth, creativity, and innovation.

As a Letters and Science Senator at UC Santa Barbara, I plan to focus on several key areas that are crucial to the academic success and well-being of our community. I will work to enhance academic resources, such as tutoring and academic advising, to ensure that all students have the support they need to succeed in their studies. I will seek to increase funding for research opportunities, including undergraduate research grants and summer research programs, to provide students with hands-on experience in their fields of interest. I will promote diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported, regardless of their background or identity. I will work to increase student involvement in decision-making processes and ensure that our voices are heard. I will prioritize mental health and wellness initiatives, including increasing access to counseling services and promoting healthy living habits.

As a Letters and Science Senator, I am committed to being a dedicated, approachable, and accountable representative for all students. I would be honored to have your support and the opportunity to serve our community in this role. Thank you for considering my candidacy!

Diya Bhandari

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