Coleton Cristiani
Transfer Senator


As a third-year transfer student pursuing studies in political science, I will be coming into Associated Students as a much-needed fresh voice. The university needs substantive change and a student government focused on enhancing the transfer experience — and that’s the charge I plan to lead as your Transfer Senator.

My campaign is centered around providing transfer students with the support they need to succeed in and out of the classroom – all through a lens of transparency. It’s my belief that transfer students deserve to know the resources at their disposal, how their elected representatives are serving them, and precisely how student funds are being spent. That’s why I’m pledging to provide students with a “Cristiani Report” detailing how I’m serving YOU.

I will advocate for changes that are widely popular among the student body. Such changes include lowering student fees, prioritizing student health and well-being, and serving as the chief advocate for transfer student needs. I also believe that transfer students should have priority access to university-owned housing, parking fees should be streamlined, and the Office of the Transfer Senator should serve as a vehicle for bottom-up change led by students.

I know all too well the excesses of a student government that strays away from student needs. I have experience throughout multiple levels of student government — serving in numerous roles as Vice President of Student Life and Clubs at my alma mater, where I led committees that served as the voice of over 20,000 students. One of the things I’m most proud of is leading a community service initiative aimed at working to combat homelessness in my local community. I hope to utilize my extensive set of experiences and skill sets to better the entire UCSB community.

I hope I can count on your vote in this year’s election for the position of Transfer Senator.

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