Endorsed by:

Byron Chan
Off Campus Senator


What's up UCSB! My name is Byron Chan and I'm a first year double majoring in political science and economics.

Let’s BeReal and I ain’t talking no social media platform. Most of these candidates have the same copy and paste ChatGPT candidate statements BUT I’m not like the other girls(candidates).

Here’s the thing. Everyone else is making vague-non-specific-non-committal-non-sense promises that are really just words on the paper. And tbh, I don’t vibe with that. So, while I can’t offer you any concrete promises, I can promise to be the voice of the people.

My instagram is @byroonchan and my email is byronchan@ucsb.edu. If you have any pressing matters that YOU want addressed, I will respond to all dms and emails and do my best to create a solution for YOU.

If nothing else, I promise to be a change from the regular boring senators. My tenure as ASB senator will hopefully be riddled with juicy drama that you all can enjoy reading about in the Daily Nexus.

But this can only happen if y'all vote for me.

Qualifications: Director of Training for UCSB Model UN, Campaign Coordinator for the New Voter's Project, Volunteer for Biden and Bloomberg, bronze 3 in league of legends but challenger in local politics, Writer for UCSB Pre-Law Journal.

In all seriousness, I promise to do my best to enact change and make ASB an entity that people don't want to boycott *skull emoji*.

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