Endorsed by:

Andrew Devine


Hey! 👋😄 I’m Andrew Devine, and I’m running to be your next AS President! I’m a third year double majoring in Directing for Film/Theatre and Economics, and the current President of the Student Apartment Community Council.

My Platform
1️⃣ UCSB PROM! | All students who graduated HS in 2020 and most in 2021 didn’t get prom due to Covid-19. If elected, AS will put on a UCSB COLLEGE PROM!

2️⃣ Liquid IV Distribution & Harm Reduction | Partner with Liquid IV and Student Health to provide free electrolyte packets prior to and during major events like Deltopia, Welcome Week, and Halloween

3️⃣ Expand the Dept. of Public Worms to the Dept. of Public Worms & Bees | Expand DPW to include wildflower planting and bee repopulation, with emphasis given to supporting native flora and native pollinators

4️⃣ Strengthen our Food Bank | Increase the AS Food Bank annual budget from $200,000 to $500,000, partner with stores like Target and Trader Joe’s (who throw away or don’t transport food to pantries), and use AS resources to collect and distribute goods

5️⃣ Freeze the Fees! | Keep the current AS quarter fee the same, and veto any major increase for the 2023-24 school year. Our solution to budget issues should start with smarter spending, not fee increases

My Experience
>1 year as President of the Student Apartment Community Council, representing 2,600+ UCSB students who live in student housing
>4 years as a Senator (I’m a transfer!)
>2 years as Senate Majority Leader
>10 collective years’ experience in student government

As current President of the Council, I’ve brought many community events to UCSB, including a silent disco, many free food events, game nights, watchparties, free cleaning supply distribution, and implemented $90,000+ to fund housing events such as craft nights, cultural & holiday events, and social mixers

I want to elevate AS’ presence on campus, and ensure PLUR, inclusivity, and fun for every UCSB student! 💙💛

Vote Andrew Devine for President! 🗳️🥳

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