Endorsed by:

Zachary  Orsinelli
Off Campus Senator
Storke Party (2021-22)



My name is Zach Orsinelli, and I am running to be YOUR Off-Campus Senator running with Storke party. I am a third-year studying political science from Ripon California. UCSB has been my home for three years, and I want to improve the community while also making it safer for students. I have previous leadership experience as well as a love for this school. Both will help me become an active member of the A.S Senate and improve Isla Vista for the better.

Leadership Experience

-Anacapa Hall Representative
-Josh Harder Voter Outreach Program Team Leader
-Kappa Sigma Sustainability Committee Chair

My Vision


AS Senate is not the most accessible or well-known organization on campus. I will work towards making sure AS Senate’s actions are well documented and openly advertised through our social media page so students that can easily see changes we are making to the community. I will push for easy accessibility to UCSB student fees and tuition hikes, so students know where their money goes.


I want to work to continue UCSB’s progress to encourage sustainability in the Isla Vista Community. I want to work with our administration towards installing solar panels on UCSB buildings in Isla Vista to power our classrooms through more sustainable energy. I also am advocating for additional hydration stations across Isla Vista and on campus.

IV Safety:

I want to continue the safe transportation task force to make sure students feel safe walking to and from school. I want to secure free Ubers for students walking home late at night. I am going to push for more CSO escorts in Isla Vista and a phone line to access the CSOs from anywhere in IV not just on campus.

Fellow Gauchos, I am so passionate and excited about the improvements that can be made in this community. These changes may not come overnight, but I will give my all in fighting for a better Isla Vista. Vote Zach for Your Off Campus Senator!

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