Endorsed by:

Ava Gurwitz
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Storke Party (2021-22)


Hey everyone! I am Ava Gurwitz, and I am thrilled to be running with the Storke Party to be a senator for the college of Letters and Science. I am a second year student studying Psych & Brain Science and Sociology. I have extensive experience working alongside my peers through many years in ASB, devoting myself to making many positive changes for the school, including founding an orientation program for special needs students. Moreover, I am currently Vice President, standards of Kappa Kappa Gamma, so I have a strong understanding of how to address, communicate, and effectively approach my peers' concerns. In addition, through my current job working as a behavioral therapist for a young man with Autism through the Center of Autism and Related Disorders (CARDS), I am able to easily adapt in response to challenges, and exhibit quick thinking when it comes to new ideas and solutions for problems. If elected, I plan to use these abilities to creatively propose solutions, advocating on behalf of the student body. One of the central issues in L&S that I would like to target is to restructure the advising in our college to get students faster and easier access to advising and facilitate relationships to be built between student and advisor. This would ultimately allow for a much better streamline into career oriented advising, ensuring success long term for students. Vote Ava Gurwitz for your next College of Letters and Science Senator.

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