Endorsed by:

Yuval Cohen
Storke Party (2021-22)


Hey Gauchos! My name is Yuval Cohen (she/hers) and I’m running to be YOUR next President with Storke Party!

As a first-generation student, I am lucky to be a part of such an amazing community here at UCSB. I know that this year has brought on many difficulties for us all, and I am determined to bring forth all my passion and dedication to fulfill the needs of students. I am qualified, capable, and ready to be the voice of the students and advocate for YOU.

- Current Off-Campus Senator
- COVID-19 Task Force Member: provided hundreds of students with emergency grants
- Basic Needs Committee Chair
- Director of Dream Scholar Affairs for the Office of the President
- Fellow for the Office of the President & Human Rights Board
- UC Advocacy Network Student Ambassador
- AS Visions Task Force Member: ongoing project to plan for the future of UCSB based on the changes students express they desire

Basic Needs
- EXPAND the AS COVID-19 Emergency Task Force Grant by reallocating more unused student funds back to students
- GROW the Mental Health Town Hall and mental health resources on campus
- ASSIST the AS Food Bank in implementing a pop-up location in Isla Vista
- COLLABORATE with SVSH organizations to support survivors
- SUPPORT undocumented immigrants on campus by working with USS and IDEAS to raise awareness and expand resources

- IMPLEMENT a 24 hour cafe on campus
- PRIORITIZE outreach, specifically towards freshmen and transfers, in order to effectively promote campus resources
- EXPAND outdoor study spaces and wifi accessibility off campus
- INCREASE online textbook access and printing access
- ADVOCATE for administration to reduce tuition and student fees
- ESTABLISH more academic advising and mentoring programs

I want to advocate for you! If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to email me at ycohen@ucsb.edu. Remember to VOTE Yuval Cohen as your AS President and VOTE STORKE!

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