Endorsed by:

Kian Mirshokri
Off Campus Senator
Storke Party (2021-22)


Hey y’all!

I am Kian Mirshokri and I am a first-year student pursuing a degree in Political Science and I am stoked to be running to be your very next Off-Campus Senator with Storke Party!

I am incredibly lucky and thankful to be able to call Isla Vista my home. Living here the past year has shown me what a diverse and unique town Isla Vista is. It has also bettered me in understanding our community and its needs. With such a great community, however, comes hard work. Therefore, I will ensure that all voices in this diverse community are heard, and will strive with all my might to deal with issues decisively and swiftly. I want to allow you and all other off-campus students to have the best possible experience living in Isla Vista.

CREATE a safer community where students feel more confident walking on roads at all times by installing more lighting in IV
EXPAND spaces where off-campus students can de-stress and study
INCREASE local recycling, compost systems, and trash cans in order to create a cleaner Isla Vista
COMMUNICATE with teachers to expand online textbook access for all students
SHOW students what AS does with monthly town hall meetings
EXPAND self-defense classes for students through the UCPD
ENCOURAGE better relations between students and law enforcement by having open discussions

I am hopeful that my goals will benefit you in the best way possible.

VOTE KIAN MIRSHOKRI as your OFF-CAMPUS SENATOR and VOTE Storke Party! Together we can rise above!

Please feel free to email me at kianmirshokri@ucsb.edu with any questions or concerns!

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