Endorsed by:

Jonathan Roberts
Off Campus Senator
Storke Party (2021-22)


Hey everyone!

I am Jonathan Roberts and I’m a freshman running to be your next Off-Campus Senator with Storke Party! Biopsych is my major and I want to help you make UCSB greater. I will work within the AS Senate to get your needs met because that is what YOU deserve.

If you had outdoor spaces to study, with stable outlets and plenty of shade, don’t you think your grades would improve?

We have all made it to Spring Quarter, making it a year of online classes for many of us. We’re all striving to make it to the summer or to graduation but without our campus, it’s not the same.
As our resources begin opening up in the Fall, I want to expand infrastructure to create spaces throughout IV for students to study, including tables with outlets and gazebos. Wouldn't you want to study under a Gaucho Gazebo?

Do you know exactly what you will do after college?

While no one knows exactly how their future after UCSB will look, websites like Handshake connect students to UCSB alumni and offer career pathways after graduation. I will work to improve these undervalued websites; having efficient websites with preeminent opportunities means YOU can take charge of your future.

At the end of the day, we are all just students driven to represent the UCSB body. I will work with ALL senators and will reach out to students like you so we can directly represent the concerns of the student body. I wish to use any and all possible platforms, including social media, to their fullest extent so that every student can easily approach me with questions, concerns, and comments.

UCSB is an amazing school but making it better for you is my Golden Rule. VOTE JONATHAN ROBERTS for Off-Campus Senator and VOTE STORKE PARTY!

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