Endorsed by:

Jonathan Alberts
Off Campus Senator
Storke Party (2021-22)


Hello to all Gauchos!
My name is Jonathan Alberts, but call me Jonny/Yoni. I’m a third-year transfer majoring in Global Studies and double minoring in German and Philosophy, and I am proud to be running as your next Off-Campus Senator with Storke Party!
I love my home at Isla Vista and as Off-Campus Senator I hope to better our community. Being so warmly welcomed to IV, I want to give back through improving aspects that I’ve heard my fellow residents speak out about. The COVID-19 outbreak has made it difficult for students to adjust financially and academically, and I want to work on making it easier for students living in Isla Vista post-quarantine.
Relevant Experiences and Activities:
- President of a BBYO high school youth group chapter
- Elected as Insurance Commissioner of Boys State California in 2017
- Customer care at MOD Pizza
If you love dogs, then you will appreciate what P.U.G.S. can do for you:
PREVENT the escalating cases of bike theft that have been occurring throughout Isla Vista by encouraging more usage of security measures like discounted locks, GPS devices, and increased surveillance at designated bike racks.
EXPAND the AS emergency grant to give AS funds back to students that have suffered the most as a result of remote learning.
GRANT more resources via the IV Tenants Union for students so that they can familiarize themselves with their legal entitlements and avoid exploitation.
SUPPORT students that have contesting relationships with their roommates. Setting up a specializing counselor that mediates conversation between two or more parties and allowing on-campus temporary housing for those trying to change living arrangements while maintaining little contact with ex-roommates.
If you have any ideas and/or questions to share with me, contact me at jonathanalberts@ucsb.edu. I want to voice what you have to say!
VOTE Jonny as you Off-Campus Senator and VOTE Storke Party! Together we can rise above!

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