Endorsed by:

Hailey Stankiewicz
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hi UCSB (:
My name is HAILEY STANKIEWICZ and I am running to be your next Letters and Science Senator with the Isla Vista Party!!! I am a second-year political science and sociology double major dedicated to making sure UCSB is a more inclusive and safe campus. I am currently the Housing and Resident director for the EVPLA office and have been working to protect students’ rights in Isla Vista, most recently through collaborating on a mold survey with the intent of advocating for students’ rights as tenants and eradicating unsafe unsafe living situations. I am also a member of the Alpha Phi sorority and serve as the Director of Finance for my chapter, working to cultivate a compassionate and transparent environment regarding dues for the women in my chapter. I am passionate about ensuring representation for all students in our community and hope to support and advocate for everyone, especially those who often don’t have a voice to do so themselves.


EXPAND the number of departments that allow P/NP grading for major classes and CONTINUE the week 10 grading change deadline during the transition to in-person learning
PRIORITIZE increasing the hours of essential services on campus when reopening campus (like the AS food bank, printing services, the AS book bank, etc.)
Begin the DEVELOPMENT of instituting of new majors and minors that are more applicable to student interests and passions
ELIMINATE gender and racial prejudice in the classroom by CREATING workshops for TAs and professors to acknowledge and understand their implicit biases
INCREASE the funding for CAPs and work to DIVERSIFY the therapists offered for students to cultivate a safe space for people of various backgrounds
EXPAND internship opportunities for students by working with the EVPLA office to CREATE a local internship fair
COLLABORATE with other AS entities (like the EVPLA office) to foster a sense of community for new and returning students who do not feel connected to

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